Type:Active Ingredients for Cosmetics

Key Efficacy

  • Moisturizing/Hydrating
  • Anti-aging
  • Hair Care/Scalp care
  • Others(Anti-acne)

Key Mechanism:Blackhad strip, Anti-bacteria, Anti-Acne, Autophagy activation, Anti-Grey hair


AzePore is marvelous solution to solve the pore problem such as blackhead, sebum and acne…etc

This ingredient is special blend of the synthetic fatty acids like a cocktail.

AzePore can bring beneficial efficacy to your formulation as follows

  1. Directly melt blackhead, comedo and tight-up the opened pore.
  2. Prevent proliferation of the Acne or the other bacteria on the skin surface and internal pore.
  3. AzePore can enhance other active components and anti-bacterial formulation efficacy.

+α Vitamin C boosting Up effect, Pharmaceutical clinical concept as optional concept.

Additionally it works for hair-pore and anti-grey hair, these characters will be also attractive as additional values.

Acidic active Ingredient

Appearance: Synthetic liquid / Transparent


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