Wasabi Flavone™


Wasabi Flavone™

Type:Active Ingredients (Wasabi leaf extract)

Key Efficacy

  • Moisturizing/Hydrating
  • Anti-aging
  • Hair Care/Scalp care
  • Others (Deodorant)

Key Mechanism:Skin Microbiome-control , Scalp anti-inflammatory, Sebum decrease, Anti-hair fall


Japanese traditional herb for scalp care and skincare, especially has best data for anti-hairfall.

This Ingredient is developed from Wasabia Japonica which is traditionally used for medicine and food.

Unique molecule is isosaponarin to show scalp conditioning, such as anti-hair fall, deodorant and also skin care efficacy.

We have been study Wasabi Efficacy the longest time in Japan in this field, as the pioneer of Wasabi.

You can feel marvelous wasabi`s power by this material.


INCI NAME:Wasabia japonica leaf extract , Butylene Glycol

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